[Dovecot] My "fighting spam" article is live!

Esther Schindler esther at bitranch.com
Fri Feb 16 16:06:36 UTC 2007


First: I'd asked for input for this article on the dovecot list. I  
received several replies from people who answered my question, "what  
ONE thing do you wish your CIO understood about this subject?" So, at  
a minimum, my message was written to let people know that the project  
was complete and that their contributions mattered. (Not to mention  
that a few of your online friends might have been quoted.) This is  
called "good manners."

Also, I don't see that the article was irrelevant. It was meant, from  
the first, to be a document that explained the techie's side of the  
issue to a manager. If your CIO doesn't need to be told these things,  
then I'm very happy for you -- but I've already gotten several  
responses saying that a copy was sent to the boss' office. For many  
readers, having the boss understand the situation _does_ help an  
email admin deal with the problem (i.e. the problem of clueless  
management), so I think it's relevant indeed.

Third, I'm rather irritated when I see people use the word "spam" to  
mean "I'm not interested in this." You could argue that my message  
was off-topic. (I would disagree, but I'd accept the viewpoint.)  
However, spam is defined as unsolicited commercial e-mail. A link to  
an online article is not commercial, especially if there's nothing at  
that site for you to buy.

Esther Schindler
senior online editor, CIO.com

On Feb 16, 2007, at 4:12 AM, Robert Schetterer wrote:

> Luca Corti schrieb:
>> On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 17:35 -0700, Esther Schindler wrote:
>>> Thanks to everybody who contributed. :-)
>> Great! I mean, wow, do you realize you are actually spamming a
>> mailing-list?
>> oh my...
> Agree 100 % , after all
> in the Articel is nothing tec stuff included
> which help people out of the problem, so its simply
> the usual for marketing services bla bla
> -

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