[Dovecot] Bug tracking system

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Fri Feb 16 16:11:45 UTC 2007

> Forcing the reporter to be a registered user is a good thing. I worked
> on a project for awhile where it seemed that every jerk would submit
> some sort of report. The reports were usually incomplete and since there
> were no accounts linked to the reports, there was no way to contact the
> OP. In my opinion, if the bug-reporter cannot take the time to register,
> then they can just keep their bug-reports to themselves.

Well - other than the occasional post that fails to provide minimal 
details (system/platform/version, dovecot version, etc), this hasn't 
been a real problem yet...

*If* it did actually become a problem, I'd prefer a two-tiered system...

For initial bug reports, just let 'any jerk' report the bug.

Then, once the bug has been verified, *and* if Timo doesn't find/fix it 
immediately (which he often does) or know what it would take to fix it 
and cannot do it quickly or without breaking something major, then 
someone (Timo, or maybe some other volunteers who would have access to 
the back-end bug reporter) could add it as a 'Verified' bug, which would 
then have its own thread for those experiencing the bug to try to help 
Timo figure out what is causing it.

The thing I like most about the way Timo wants to do this is he wants to 
make it both very easy for people to submit bug reports, and for people 
to respond/follow-up to them.

I'd also like to see some kind of listserv command that could be sent to 
get a list of currently open bugs and their status...

I'd also like to have a gorgeous live-in maid who served me breakfast in 
bed every morning... oh, sorry, was I dreaming again?


Best regards,


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