[Dovecot] My "fighting spam" article is live!

Gerard gerard at seibercom.net
Fri Feb 16 16:32:26 UTC 2007

On Friday February 16, 2007 at 11:06:36 (AM) Esther Schindler wrote:

> First: I'd asked for input for this article on the dovecot list. I  
> received several replies from people who answered my question, "what  
> ONE thing do you wish your CIO understood about this subject?" So, at  
> a minimum, my message was written to let people know that the project  
> was complete and that their contributions mattered. (Not to mention  
> that a few of your online friends might have been quoted.) This is  
> called "good manners."
> Also, I don't see that the article was irrelevant. It was meant, from  
> the first, to be a document that explained the techie's side of the  
> issue to a manager. If your CIO doesn't need to be told these things,  
> then I'm very happy for you -- but I've already gotten several  
> responses saying that a copy was sent to the boss' office. For many  
> readers, having the boss understand the situation _does_ help an  
> email admin deal with the problem (i.e. the problem of clueless  
> management), so I think it's relevant indeed.
> Third, I'm rather irritated when I see people use the word "spam" to  
> mean "I'm not interested in this." You could argue that my message  
> was off-topic. (I would disagree, but I'd accept the viewpoint.)  
> However, spam is defined as unsolicited commercial e-mail. A link to  
> an online article is not commercial, especially if there's nothing at  
> that site for you to buy.
> Esther Schindler
> senior online editor, CIO.com

First, please don't top post. If you don't know what that means, Google
for it.

Second, according to webster, their definition of SPAM:

     unsolicited usually commercial e-mail sent to a large number of addresses

I receive emails requesting that I visit various sites, etc. some are
trying to sell me something, others trying to impose their own
philosophy on me. It makes no difference, it is still SPAM, and I report
it as such. If I did not request it from you -- you meaning any email
sender -- then it is SPAM.

Mailing list are somewhat different of course. Unfortunately, they are
being inundated with SPAM also. Someone signs up and immediate sends
their garbage to the list subscribers. Reporting them as SPAM can be
problematic unfortunately.


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