[Dovecot] Bug tracking system

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Feb 16 21:30:37 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-02-16 at 21:55 +0100, Axel Thimm wrote:

> > I have a few times not bothered to report some pretty clear bugs just
> > because I didn't see any easy enough way to do that. Of course that
> > meant that the bug didn't get fixed, but since I was only testing their
> > software (or auditing their sources) I didn't really care about that.
> > For Dovecot I do want bug reports from people like me.
> This is for example trac's model. But it has shown to be a failure in
> that once it became popular enough for spammers to care, it is being
> abused to beyond recognition. And nowadays trac admins either dump the
> ticketing part or restrict to registred users (which are non-trivial
> to register under trac), or use captchas etc.

I was just thinking that I'd want to change Dovecot wiki to allow
anonymous edits again, but to avoid spam there could be some simple
question in the page that needs to be answered. For example "Type
Dovecot in the field below". As long as spambots don't specifically try
to spam wiki.dovecot.org (which is unlikely), it's safe.

The same thing could be done with bugs.dovecot.org. And the
bugs.dovecot.org could anyway have completely non-bugzilla-like bug
reporting interface so that spambots don't even recognize it.

> But you can run bugzilla and friends anonymously, if you like. You
> create an account for that anonymous user and display the info for
> using it on the "new bug" page.

I don't think I want an anonymous user to be able to create bugs. Maybe
what I'm after is an automatic user creation based on the given email
address, but the user won't be able to log in before verifying the
email. If a user already exists for the given email address, that bug
also belongs to that existing user even though no password was asked
(but it could mention that it was created anonymously and log the IP).
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