[Dovecot] imap core dump with rc18

Nicolas STRANSKY Nico at stransky.cx
Fri Feb 16 23:17:15 UTC 2007

Le 16.02.2007 23:42, Timo Sirainen a écrit :
> On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 11:24 +0100, Nicolas STRANSKY wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I had a core dump while using rc18. Here are the backtraces:
>> Jan 23 01:01:44 rouge dovecot: IMAP(user): file mail-index-view.c: line
>> 386 (_view_lookup_uid_range): assertion failed: (*last_seq_r >=
>> *first_seq_r)
> This should have been fixed around rc19-20. Or have you still seen it?

Yes, I think it is fixed, last time I saw this error was with rc19.
Thanks Timo.

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