[Dovecot] MySQL question

spammy spam at rogerp.org
Sun Feb 18 16:47:23 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Trying to migrate my actual mailserver postfix Cyrus-IMAP with virtual 
users to dovecot. done some tests and seems to work quite well except for;

I would like to integrate my virtual configuration to share SQL 
information throw various daemons, like postfix, amavis and so on. By 
default, Dovecot sets the database users table to "users" but I would 
like to change it to "mailboxes". this is because I don't want to change 
all my configiuration files already setup, only for dovecot.

is this possible?

best regards,


Fedora Core 6
Dovecot 1.0 rc22

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