[Dovecot] Replacing qmail + vpopmail with: sendmail + dovecot.

Oliver Schulze L. oliver at samera.com.py
Mon Feb 19 20:32:41 UTC 2007

Hi David,
thanks for answering.

The problem is that I'm migrating a running server. My problems are:
- many domains already configured in the vpopmail DB, need to use those 
- need to code a company policies using perl (as explained in my 
previous email)

I think I can just plug sendmail in front of the running server and then 
the email using smtp to localhost:26 where qmail can be running.
I'm thinking running sendmail and procmail in the same machine, diferent 


David Robillard wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> We run sendmail + dovecot on FreeBSD for around 3500 users. It runs
> smooth. We also run two other FreeBSD machines with Sophos PureMessage
> for Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus cleanup which is linked via sendmail's
> milter.
> You're going to need Procmail to link sendmail and dovecot for local
> mail delivery to the user's mbox or Maildir, which ever you prefer.
> We're using Maildir here to serve both IMAP over SSL and POP3 over
> SSL.
> If you need any help in the setup of sendmail + procmail + dovecot,
> just tell me.
> Of course, if you're more experienced with Postfix, then use it. IMHO
> it's not as flexible as sendmail. But YMMV.
> Have fun,
> David

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