[Dovecot] Dovecot losing .mailboxlist files

Lauri Jesmin lauri.jesmin at ut.ee
Tue Feb 20 08:45:20 UTC 2007


I am running a site that has two servers, 10 000 users in both, Solaris
9 and home directories with mbox mailboxes shared with NFS. 

Indexes are kept separately in both server, on local disks, both servers
are serving imap (from NFS mboxes).

We are trying to convert from uw-imap to dovecot. 

Servers are currently running on their limits and now i have mysterious
problems with .mailboxlist file:  i patched dovecot to use .mailboxlist
file instead of .subscriptions, but sometimes the .mailboxlist file
disappears on some users. Instead there are appearing .nfsXXXXXX files,
where XXXXXX is combination of numbers and capital letters. 

Also some users have problems with subscribing to folders, others do not
have this problem. 

It seems to be that users who do not have .mailboxlist have also
problems with subscribing to folders.

Dovecot is version 1.0rc22. 

I have not discovered error messages in logs.

Lauri Jesmin <lauri.jesmin at ut.ee>
Tartu Ülikool

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