[Dovecot] critical performance problem

Rene Luria operator at infomaniak.ch
Tue Feb 20 11:35:12 UTC 2007

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-02-20 at 12:27 +0100, Rene Luria wrote:
>> What happens, as I thought, is that indexes get recomputed. Once per
>> account/login, of course, but with a high loaded system it just make the
>> situation unbearable in normal use.
> Oh, okay. Do you use 64bit system? I'm not sure why it would have
> rebuilt anything with 32bit systems.

nope, it's a xeon 3ghz

now, locking session is the real fix. otherwise, stracing two concurrent
pop3 sessions on the same account showed every message was read (to
rebuild the index probably)

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