[Dovecot] 1.0.rc23 tomorrow

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Tue Feb 20 14:24:23 UTC 2007

Timo Sirainen schrieb:
> http://dovecot.org/nightly/dovecot-latest.tar.gz
> Would be nice to get some testing before the actual release.
> I've now finally gone through all the "TODO" mails in this list and my
> INBOX and fixed pretty much every problem I know of. There are still
> some mbox bugs, but I can't really get them fixed unless someone figures
> out how to reproduce them (http://wiki.dovecot.org/MboxProblems).
> I think documentation is the last thing that should be done before v1.0.
> I'm happy enough with the code as it is now, unless some new bugs again
> appear.
> The notable changes since rc22:
> 	* deliver doesn't ever exit with Dovecot's internal exit codes anymore.
> 	  All its internal exit codes are changed to EX_TEMPFAIL.

Does this happen for definitive (= permanent) "no such user" issues,
too? If so, EX_NOUSER should perhaps be supported as well, to name just
one example.

> 	+ PAM: blocking=yes in args uses an alternative way to do PAM checks.
> 	  Try it if you're having problems with PAM.
> 	+ userdb passwd: blocking=yes in args makes the userdb lookups be done
> 	  in auth worker processes. Set it if you're doing remote NSS lookups
> 	  (eg. nss_ldap problems are fixed by this).

This "blocking" is one of the knobs that are hard to explain to end
users. More information is required as to when exactly these are
mandatory and what exactly they fix, and how.

Oh, and given the amount of changes this release had, there should be no
changes before the release that aren't made available as rc24. Just
remember Linux 2.6.8...

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