[Dovecot] Solaris/SSLonly/Lots of Users

Steven F Siirila sfs at tc.umn.edu
Thu Feb 22 17:10:12 UTC 2007

On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 11:26:45AM -0600, Steven F Siirila wrote:
> Anyone running Dovecot on Solaris, requiring only SSL connections, and
> servicing thousands of simultaneous users?  Our past attempts to do so
> have failed due to dovecot-auth using up all 256 of its file descriptors.
> I say 256 since we are limited to that by the 32-bit libraries.
> We are looking at either compiling Dovecot in 64-bit and letting dovecot-auth
> file descriptors accumulate (not ideal), or providing Timo with access to
> one of our test servers so he can debug the problem.  However, I would
> like to hear of anyone in the same boat first.  Thanks!

Thanks all for the various replies to my original post.  However...


After upgrading from rc15 to rc23 the problem appears to have magically
gone away.  Timo has apparently fixed this, intentionally or otherwise.  :)

Note that we are using defaults for all 'login_' config items except:

login_processes_count = 32
login_max_processes_count = 4096

Now we can finally proceed with our upgrade from UW-IMAP to Dovecot.


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