[Dovecot] Help with mysql-dspam-plugin

Rob Klingsten bladex at umich.edu
Thu Feb 22 21:53:10 UTC 2007

>> Starting mail server: dovecotIEffective uid=65534, gid=65534
>> ILoading modules from directory: /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/imap
>> Emodule /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/imap/lib_dspam.so: dlsym(dspam_init)
>> failed: /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/imap/lib_dspam.so: undefined symbol:
>> dspam_init
>> Error: imap dump-capability process returned 89
>> Any help with how to fix this would be great!  I'm not really a
>> programmer so I'm not quite sure where to look...
> Interesting. That's pretty odd, how did you compile the plugin? And  
> are
> the mysql libraries the plugin is probably linked against available?
> johannes

Thanks for the reply!  Just to be clear, I'm talking about Tim  
White's version of the code, that uses MySQL.  I tinkered with it,  
and fixed the problem by simply changing the two routine names:

void dspam_plugin_init(void) TO void dspam_init(void)


void dspam_plugin_deinit(void) TO void dspam_deinit(void)

And now it is working beautifully.  Doesn't make sense to me why  
though.  But I'm happy.

As far as the processing of the signatures, I assume I want to run  
the 'clientrunner.php' out of cron once or twice a day?  This is on a  
system with about 40 users.

thanks again!

Rob Klingsten

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