[Dovecot] 1.0.rc24 released

Jay Chandler chandler.lists at chapman.edu
Fri Feb 23 08:24:29 UTC 2007

Joseba Torre wrote:
> El Viernes, 23 de Febrero de 2007 09:04, Jay Chandler escribió:
>> I understand what you're saying, but realize that some of us have
>> pointy-haired bosses who refuse to consider ANYTHING until it's hit
>> "version 1.0."  Personally I think it's a ridiculous and arbitrary
>> standard, but unfortunately, they sign my paychecks, so I ultimately
>> have to keep them happy.
> And so this should be the main reason for dovecot 1.0 release?
No.  Merely a point of notice.

I've also had to deal with the "Twenty something release candidates?  
What, can't they get it right by now?" comments.  I'm a big fan of 
Dovecot personally, but again, there are manglement pressures afoot...

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