[Dovecot] Setting up an email server

Matt Penfold matt at dandderwen.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 21:28:33 UTC 2007

I am sure this is a really stupid question but I could do with some advice.


I am setting an old PC as an email/file server using Gentoo Linux. So far I
have configured getting emails from a couple of a pop3 accounts I have with
ISPs/Mail Service providers using getmail and dovecot. I can access those
emails from a variety of clients using IMAP without problem.


The next stage I want to implement is to have a central location available
to the clients of sent emails as well as received emails. It is this part I
am a bit confused about. I know I will need some kind of agent to transfer
the email from the client to the appropriate ISP/Mail provider but I am
overwhelmed by the choice. Sendmail seems a bit OTT for me needs! And how do
I ensure that I can see what emails I have send using IMAP ?


Thanks in advance


Matt Penfold


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