[Dovecot] SHA256 password patch

Jasper Slits js_dovecot at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 24 14:58:35 UTC 2007


I made a patch against branch-1.0 for SHA256 password hashing support 
for Dovecot.
Courier Authlib supports this hashing scheme and in order to migrate 
from Courier to Dovecot, I've added SHA256 support to Dovecot.

The attached patch is based on BSD licensed code from Olivier Gay

Changes made by me in Olivier's sha2{.h,.c} code:
- Prototype for sha256_transf is added to sha2.h
- sha256_get_digest() is added to sha2{.h,.c}
- Code for UNROLL_LOOPS is removed
- Support for SHA224,SHA384,SHA512 was removed
- Functions are renamed to match those in sha1{.h,.c}
- SHA256_DIGEST_SIZE is renamed to SHA256_RESULTLEN

I can add safe_memset calls if requested.

Patch is attached and can also be found at 

Kind regards,


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