[Dovecot] problem with NFS from Microsoft Windows Services for Unix

David McBride dwm at tastycake.net
Sat Feb 24 22:51:03 UTC 2007

Arnaud Grandville wrote:

> dovecot: Feb 24 21:41:13 Error: IMAP(arno):
> rename(/var/mail/arno/Maildir/tmp/1172353272.P7684Q1.mail.domaine.fr,
> /var/mail/arno/Maildir/cur/1172353272.P7684Q1.mail.domaine.fr:2,S)
> failed: Input/output error
> As you see, the name of the file gets  an extra string ":2,S" and
> that's why the new filename can't be created.
> what's wrong? thanks

Intuitively, I expect that the Windows filesystem is refusing to create a
filename with a ':' in it.

David McBride <dwm at tastycake.net>

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