[Dovecot] problem with NFS from Microsoft Windows Services for Unix

Arnaud Grandville agrandville at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 07:34:32 UTC 2007

Your are right guys !

I have two choices:
- Modify the source code of dovecot, changes are to be reported to
mail-storage.h. I just have to set the two #define MAILDIR_INFO_SEP_S
and MAILDIR_INFO_SEP to a value that my Windows server could handle
- set a translation character table under my Microsoft NFS service

The second seems to be a better choice !

2007/2/25, Bill Cole <dovecot-20061108 at billmail.scconsult.com>:
> At 11:16 PM +0100 2/24/07, Arnaud Grandville  imposed structure on a
> stream of electrons, yielding:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I'm using dovecot 1.0 RC24 compiled form source on a OpenBSD 4.0, I
> >use IMAP service with maildir storage and my mail client is Outlook
> >2003.
> >
> >If the root of the user maildir stay on the BSD filesystem
> >everything is right.
> >If the root of the maildir is mount on an NFS drive on Microsoft
> >Windows 2003 server, I always have the same error when I try to move
> >mail (under Outlook) form my Pop3 account to my Imap account :
> >
> >dovecot: Feb 24 21:41:13 Error: IMAP(arno):
> >rename(/var/mail/arno/Maildir/tmp/1172353272.P7684Q1.mail.domaine.fr,
> >/var/mail/arno/Maildir/cur/1172353272.P7684Q1.mail.domaine.fr:2,S)
> >failed: Input/output error
> >
> >As you see, the name of the file gets  an extra string ":2,S" and
> >that's why the new filename can't be created.
> >
> >what's wrong?
> You are using Windows to store Maildir directories. Do not do that.
> It cannot work. Maildir message files that are not in the 'new'
> directory must have colons in their names.
> --
> Bill Cole
> bill at scconsult.com

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