[Dovecot] Updated SHA256 patch

Jasper Slits js_dovecot at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 25 19:02:20 UTC 2007


This is the updated version of the SHA256 password hashing patch I 
submitted earlier to this list. I changed it, based on the suggestions 
by Andrey Panin (AP).

Also some other parts have been changed, summary as follows:

- typedef of context dropped for consistency (AP)
- removed ifndef SHA2_TYPES part (AP)
- removed sha256() prototype

- added lib.h and safe_memset.h includes
- added static const to sha256_h0[8] and sha256_k[64] (AP)
- replaced memset with safe_memset
- used standard types from stdint.h: (AP)
    - uint32 -> uint32_t
    - uint8 -> uint8_t
- removed strings.h include
- removed PACK64 and UNPACK64 (defined but not used)

The updated patch can also be found at 

Kind regards,

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