[Dovecot] Quota stored in LDAP

Venilton Junior venilton.junior at sercompe.com.br
Mon Feb 26 14:45:54 UTC 2007

Hie folks,


Does anyone have any experiences using dovecot + per user quota + ldap? 


I've configured my settings as this example: 


# quotaStorage must be in the format mentioned above

# For example: dirsize:storage=10240

user_attrs = uid,homeDirectory,,,uidNumber,gidNumber,quotaStorage=quota


But, Dovecot isn't creating maildirsize file.


Any guesses?


PS: I've already instaled 1.0rc24


Venilton C. Junior


Sercompe Computadores Ltda.

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www.sercompe.com.br <http://www.sercompe.com.br/> 


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