[Dovecot] Capability dropping support patch

David lists at edeca.net
Tue Feb 27 22:04:06 UTC 2007


A week ago I submitted an early patch, please ignore it.  The patch  
attached to this email has been tested and seems to work for me.  I  
have also attached instead of inline to solve problems with spaces/tabs.

The patch will, on systems that have libcap support, drop capabilities  
that Dovecot doesn't need.  For example there is no need for  
CAP_SYS_MODULE, which enables module loading or  
CAP_SYS_PTRACE/CAP_SYS_ADMIN/etc.  If libcap isn't installed then  
nothing will change, this is a compile-time only enhancement that  
isn't configurable.

Personally I did not find that CAP_SYS_CHROOT was needed in order for  
me to authenticate and access my mailbox, but I haven't configured  
anything special with chrooting (yet).  I added it because I see  
chroot() is used in src/lib/restrict-access.c.

The patch was generated against 1.0-rc24 and tested with clients imp  
and Thunderbird.  My configuration uses a virtual passdb, requires TLS  
for AUTH and exports auth-master under a different account.  All of  
this appears to work correctly.

I'd appreciate any comments, perhaps this will help safeguard the  
1000EUR on non-hardened systems :)

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