[Dovecot] Force "lower case" Folder Creation?

Rich, Whidbey Telecom richs at whidbey.net
Wed Feb 28 20:12:45 UTC 2007

We're exploring the use of "plus addressing" in our MTA (Exim), which  
delivers "user+topic at domain.com" to a user's "topic" folder.

However, the case-sensitive nature of our ext3 filesystem means that  
a message destined to "topic" won't deliver to a user's "Topic"  
folder.   For example, if a user creates a "Topic" folder, and gives  
"user+Topic at domain.com" to a web form that lower-cases it, delivery  
is deferred.

Although we're checking to see if Exim can workaround this, is there  
a way Dovecot (1.0rc24) can force lowercase folder names without a  
patch?  We'd hate to do this but are exploring our options.



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