[Dovecot] Force "lower case" Folder Creation?

Troy Engel tengel at fluid.com
Wed Feb 28 21:48:55 UTC 2007

Rich, Whidbey Telecom wrote:
>> lowercase, but regard it if it's upper case. A pseudo filter (going 
>> off the top of my head) for a user might look like:
> Thanks Troy. That looks like it'd work, but only if you pre-determined 
> which folders users could have.  We don't know the folder names, so 

I guess I'm missing a step in the logic -- you're going to allow 
user+Topic or user+Foobar or user+Baz, yet the user has not created 
these folders yet? So you're basically going to have Exim create the new 
folders on the fly *for* the user and update 'subscriptions'? (shudder)

My logical thinking is:

- admin enables local part suffixes globally
- user creates folder Foobar
- user creates/adds filter lingo to grab Foobar and folder it

I guess your logic is that you'd do a global filter that shoves things 
for people and no users would edit their own filters, which seems like a 
whole lot of admin headache and overhead. Unless I'm missing something 


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