[Dovecot] deliver rewrites envelop-sender

Ralf Becker beckerr at fh-trier.de
Sun Jan 7 18:25:10 UTC 2007


we are currently using sendmail, procmail, uwimap and qpopper. We are
planing to replace uwimap and qpopper with dovecot. Which seems to be a
very good idea :-)
But: Sendmail and Procmail will not be replaced.

Now I've realized that deliver rewrites existing "From <....> ..."
header lines to ">From <...> ..." and adds it's own "From "-line.

My procmailrc end with
  | deliver -d beckerr

Mails are deliver to my INBOX, but

*  From beckerr at fh-trier.de  Sun Jan 07 17:37:43 2007
*  Received: ...
*  From: ...

is rewritten to

*  From MAILER-DAEMON  Sun Jan 07 17:37:44 2007
*  > From beckerr at fh-trier.de  Sun Jan 07 17:37:43 2007
*  Received: ...
*  From: ...

Is there a (simple) way to prevent deliver from doing so?


In case "-f <envelop sender>" is not given, could deliver
1) read the envelop sender address from the "From <...>" line,
2) remove the line and
3) add it's own using the formally extracted sender address?

This sounds best for me and would cover the problem most effective...


I've found the "dovecot deliver patch for procmail" and it looks really
good (http://dovecot.org/pipermail/dovecot/2006-July/014656.html), but
it seems to me, that the "From " line problem is solved by optionally
removing the whole line, so deliver would use it's own default "From
MAILER-DAEMON "-line ... and this in fact the problem

Regards, Ralf


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