[Dovecot] High cpu usage OpenSolaris

Gary Gendel gary at icmanage.com
Mon Jul 30 04:27:36 EEST 2007


Nevermind... I discovered the problem. It was in the Solaris Sun Studio
12 compiler. I created a debug version to begin testing, but that
version worked without sucking up the cpu. So it looks like the
optimizer messed up. If I used the -fast optimization, it sucks up cpu,
but with -xO5 all is well.



I've built 64-bit dovecot 1.0.2 on Opensolaris to replace version
1.0.0rc10. It functions fine, but when I connect, it eats up all
available cpu. My guess is that the poll thread is running continuously.
Any ideas on what I should do to verify this or does anyone know of a fix?


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