[Dovecot] Courier-imap + dovecot simultaneously?

Troy Engel tengel at fluid.com
Tue May 1 23:47:58 EEST 2007

Gunter Ohrner wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 29. April 2007 schrieb Charles Marcus:
>> outlook express), one accessing his account through courier, and one
>> through dovecot, so he can compare the speed...
> Doing a whole batch of operations with each server before trying the same 
> with the other server for comparison purposes will probably reflect 
> reality much closer.

I posted some ad hoc numbers to the list back in February, one machine 
Courier and the other Dovecot using Squirrelmail as the frontend.


Now that the server ("Server B") is in production with 1.0.0, the users 
are seeing fantastic speed gains. Even just emptying the trash feels a 
whole lot snappier than ever...


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