[Dovecot] read only maildir

Nagyon Almos b17 at freemail.hu
Wed May 2 19:23:18 EEST 2007

Hello All,

I try to set up a read only maildir
just as in the wiki, to no avail.
  The extra (public) namespace shows up but
I can not susbscribe to it (in thunderbird) or
if I change to that "directory" (in mutt), 
it is empty.
  Is it the problem mentioned in the wiki (SharedMailboxes#Subscriptions)?
If yes, how can I see/use a folder which is not subscribeable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


"Egy anya oda se bagózik a megjelenésedre. Szerinte gyönyörű vagy és 
punktum." Meglepetéskönyvek anyák napjára.

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