[Dovecot] read only maildir

Nagyon Almos b17 at freemail.hu
Wed May 2 21:27:00 EEST 2007

>If you run dovecot 0.99, it's .subscriptions; if you run dovecot 1.0, 
>it's subscriptions - so adjust as necessary. It is always located in the 
>Maildir/ directory itself - take a look at your own personal maildir 
>folder and it should be pretty obvious.

>The contents should be the name of the subfolder itself. Again, looking 
>at your personal folder and just copying the idea to the shared one 
>should be all you need to do.

Thank you for your help.
The location of the subscriptions file is now clear.

The situation is getting better:
  mutt does not see the read-only maildir,
even if I have two subscriptions file in Maildir/ and in CONTROL directory
(empty directory).
  thunderbird now sees the folders in the read-only Maildir/ no matter what
was specified in the subscriptions files (again, I have them under both 
Maildir/ and CONTROL).
And I can subscribe/unsubscribe to them.
But if I click on the name of the folder, thunderbird says: 
Mailbox does not exist. And there is absolutely nothing in dovecot's log.

If it matters, I use Edgy, hence dovecot 1.0rc2, mutt 1.5.13 and thunderbird

Again, thank you for your help.
By the way, do you have working read-only folders?
If yes, would you please send me the details?

Best regards,

"Egy anya oda se bagózik a megjelenésedre. Szerinte gyönyörű vagy és 
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