[Dovecot] connecting postfix with dovecot trouble

Justin McAleer justin at fehuq.com
Thu May 3 19:53:44 EEST 2007

André Höpner wrote:
> postmap -q some.user at domain.com ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap-aliases.cf first
> returns: someuser 
> The mailbox someuser exists and i can login with this
> user on imap and i can deliver directly using deliver -d
> but on mail delivery thrue postfix dovecot is not looking
> for someuser. It looks for someuser at host.domain.com.
> It seems that postfix or dovecot appends the hostname to
> the mailboxname. But i cant figure out which of both.
> If i change the uid to someuser at hostname.domain.com on
> ldap-server anything works fine. how can i fix this?

Since your ldap query is returning only 'someuser', Postfix is rewriting 
some.user at domain.com to 'someuser' (since it's an alias), and then 
adding its hostname as the @domain part. See here for more detail on that:


Your ldap query needs to return the address that you want to pass to 
deliver. So, I'm not sure from your email what address you want deliver 
to be given, but I'll guess that it should return 'someuser at domain.com' 
instead of just 'someuser'. If you are trying to pass deliver just 
'someuser' you may need to jump through some hoops in your postfix 
configuration... you're probably better off configuring dovecot to deal 
with a full email address.

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