[Dovecot] Does dovecot do any address checking or referring back to a server?

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu May 3 21:38:16 EEST 2007

>> Fetchmail is retrieving it but postfix keeps not processing for some
>> reason.
>> Im geting these error message:
>> May  2 17:14:11 wadesmart postfix/qmgr[14778]: 6D4AD14286F3:
>> So my question is, I know that dovecot only serves up email to a mail
>> client but, does it do something that I have totally missed that would
>> some how or some way refer mail back to a server? Is there some type
>> of address check or something going on?

> 1. you have errors in your postfix configuration.
> 2. postfix cant deliver mail (what transport you are using? postfix
> virtual? dovecots LDA? some other?)
> 3. error in delivery produces bounce messages. sender receives mail,
> notifying about delivery error.

I tried to help Wade, but got in over my head.

I'm sure it is a postfix config issue too, but don't know how to resolve it.

Some particulars about his usage:

1. His postfix is NOT authoritative for his domain - he is just using it 
  with fetchmail to grab his email. Since I've never even used fetchmail 
- does he even NEED postfix to do this?

2. All he wants to be able to do is pull all of his mail from where it 
is being hosted, down to a local maildir setup that is served by dovecot...

I hope someone here can help him, because I'd like to know how to do 
this myself...


Best regards,


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