[Dovecot] Moving new email from the mail spool to the inbox

Jonathan dovecot at redigloo.org
Fri May 4 19:37:19 EEST 2007

Adrian Barker wrote:

> Thanks for replying. We cannot easily change the way we deliver email,
> as we have over 30,000 users, who use a mixture of imap, pop and Unix
> email clients, so we have to continue to deliver email to a central mail
> spool. The MTA that we run is Exim, which has the flexibility to deliver
> into the 'Inbox', but we need to remain compatible with non-IMAP mailers.

Take a look at the convert_mail plugin option.  The example is:

convert_mail = mbox:/home/%u:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u

but something similar might help.  There's some discussion in the
mail archives.


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