[Dovecot] sporadic slow/non response, problems copying to, sent folder

John and Catherine Allen allen at vo.lu
Sun May 6 00:39:11 EEST 2007

Danno Coppock wrote:
> facts:
> * There was only one active client.
> * The client was T'bird, v1.5.0.10, running on XP.


I saw some issues like this for a while, months ago, but concluded that it was a 
Thunderbird issue rather than a Dovecot issue. For diagnostic purposes, can you try 
Outlook Express and see whether the same operations go faster?

There are some strange IMAP and mail-server-related settings in Thunderbird - not well 
documented - which might be worth experimenting with.


John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg
allen at vo.lu

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