[Dovecot] dovecot-dspam-integration

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Tue May 8 12:58:05 EEST 2007


> > Usually dspam is able to either pick out the user from the signature
> > (uid in signature setting for dspam) or from the user it's running
> > under. I guess you're running some virtual user setup?
> > 
> Hmm, with my dspam patched or unpatched (to ignore the domain in the
> case of patch) this doesn't work for me. I am definitely NOT using
> virtual users (I have always had problems with doing that on qmail,
> sendmail and postfix, so I avoid it if possible).

So your imap binaries are running as the real users? Oh. Do you use the
dspam client/server setup?

> I am running dspam 3.8.0 which is the first version I have actually
> installed and used.

I think I'm still on 3.6.something, latest debian/testing packages.

> Ok, well, I am meaning that if a message is available and its signature
> is your code handles everything properly right now (not for a cron job
> but for immediate action).

Right. Ok, good to see that confirmed :)

> I believe we should fix it, if dspam would allow, to learn it as spam
> using --corpus or what not if that is still available and the
> appropriate option. However, this wasn't my complaint.

Ah, it would allow that, but I'm not sure that's desirable. I'd have to
look into the dspam docs more as to when you want to use that etc.

> My complaint is that an email which is in SPAM should move out, even if
> it gives a warning (if that is possible) so that email can be saved. I
> am not talking about reclassifying things as spam or not spam. Does that
> make any sense?

Hmm. How did that mail end up in SPAM when it doesn't have a signature?
I only move mail into SPAM that was classified by dspam as SPAM so hence
also has a signature.

> Anyway, I hope the patch I sent a moment ago helps. I took the idea from
> the acl plugin. I am not sure if it works in a virtual environment or
> not.

I don't know if it works there either :) I'll try the patch on my system
and if it doesn't break anything I'll roll it in. Don't hold your breath
though, it'll probably take me a week or two.

> However, as I said, I haven't been able to get dspam to recognize
> the user from the signature. Would you mind sharing your dspam.conf file
> and compile options so I can see if there is something in my setup which
> is broken. (My compile options are a bit custom, but the dspam.conf is
> pretty much the suggested on in doc/ for postfix.)

I didn't compile dspam myself (debian) and my configuration is pretty
straight forward, each user runs dspam and no client/server model is

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