[Dovecot] troubleshooting new dovecot installation

Ray ray at stilltech.net
Tue May 8 17:02:03 EEST 2007

On Tuesday 08 May 2007 12:33 am, Joseba Torre wrote:
> Hi,
> El Martes, 8 de Mayo de 2007 05:13, Ray escribió:
> > however, when I try to use the login method
> > (that is what the command
> > 1 login username password  
> > part is, isn't it?)
> That seems like an imap command, and I suppose that you're using a pop3
> port...

It seems like your right, as this command does work when I use port 143, but 
the following is a direct copy and paste from

# telnet your.host.org 110
1 login username password

So, I guess the next question becomes how come I can use  

# telnet localhost 110
user username
pass password
properly from any host, but a real client reports connection refused.
(kmail is the main one I've been using)

> Aaaaaaaaaaagur.

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