[Dovecot] Email client dowloads previously read messages as new during migration.

dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us
Wed May 9 23:48:55 EEST 2007

Quoting Eric Rostetter <rostetter at mail.utexas.edu>:

> Quoting Eric and Barbara Sammons <sammon96 at gmail.com>:
>> I am migrating from UW to dovecot and using mbox.
> I did the same.  I'm sure you'll be pleased by the results.  I assume
> you are using 1.0 and not 0.99 versions?
>> I have been able to find
>> mbox to maildir migration information and tools; however, I have had little
>> luck finding any tool or information for performing such a migration where I
>> wish to keep mbox.  ( I know I should migrate to MailDir, but in the case I
>> wish to take baby steps.)
> There is nothing wrong with staying with mbox.  There may be reasons it
> is best or better to do so (then again, there could be reasons to go
> to maildir instead -- it all depends on your needs and setup).
> There are few pages about the migration because there is so little to
> do for it.
>> I have setup dovecot pop3 communication and I go to my email client and
>> everything works fine with the exception that all mail I have previously
>> read (when using UW as my POP server) is downloaded again as NEW.  Is there
>> a way to prevent this from happening without setting my client to delete
>> mail from server?
> Did you set up your UID format properly in dovecot.conf?  It should be:
> pop3_uidl_format = %08Xv%08Xu
> Other than that, it should pretty much work from my experience...
>> thank you!
> Not sure I helped any, but you're welcome in any case.
> -- 
> Eric Rostetter
> The Department of Physics
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Go Longhorns!

I just did the exact same thing, with little problem for 750 user  
accounts stored in an openldap database.  I had to change from a  
.mailboxlist to .subscriptions for their imap folders, but that wasnt  
any big deal.  So far (knock wood) is working very well, users have no  
idea things have been switched.  I did very little config for dovecot.  
  I have imap and pop clients.

Dwayne Hottinger
Network Administrator
Harrisonburg City Public Schools

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