[Dovecot] Mails, work and so on

Stewart Dean sdean at bard.edu
Fri May 11 19:50:31 EEST 2007

Maybe you chould run things like the Chinese doctors of old...you paid 
them as long as you were healthy, but stopped when you got ill.  
Incentive for the doctor to keep you healthy!

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> You can probably guess from my flood of mails that I'm no longer busy. I
> still have a couple of exams but since I haven't spent any time at all
> studying for them or attending the lectures, I can just as easily leave
> them for next year.
> I've read and answered most of the "easy" mails in this list and in my
> INBOX. I'll try to answer the rest of them this weekend, so no need to
> forward them to me again, at least not yet. :)
> Now that I'm finally non-busy, it also appears that I haven't worked for
> a long time and I'm almost broke. :) So now would be a great time for
> your corporation to buy/sponsor some Dovecot development. Otherwise I'm
> probably soon busy with non-Dovecot related work.
> My own high priority TODO contains:
>  - Get the rewritten Squat full text search index working. It probably
> needs a name change, since it's not all that close to Cyrus Squat
> anymore. Suggestions? Could of course be just "fts_dovecot".
>  - Shared mailboxes / ACLs
>  - dbox cleanups and possibly partial redesign. I'll write a separate
> mail about this later.
>  - Index file code cleanups, simplifications and optimizations. Make it
> work with NFS with attribute cache enabled.

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