[Dovecot] Thunderbird or Dovecot bug? (multiple keywords)

Troy Engel tengel at fluid.com
Fri May 11 21:50:02 EEST 2007

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> A lot easier way is to look at the IMAP traffic and see what's different
> in there. Then you can see if Dovecot is giving wrong replies somewhere
> or if it's Thunderbird that gets confused from something.

I just used the TB debugging to trap all the IMAP traffic capturing a 
good session (my account) and the troubled session (his account) using 
the same WindowsXP 2.0.0 client.

a) add $Label1
b) add $Label2
c) select INBOX.Drafts
d) select INBOX
e) remove $Label2
f) remove $Label1

Alas, I can't spot where the problem is in the conversation; can I zip 
up both logs and send to you? (they're pretty large and contain some 
private info)


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