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Sat May 12 19:51:45 EEST 2007

    Could the below be added to the list, too, if time allows?

    * Add more comments in the source files.  Add comments before each
subroutine illustrating: 1. the purpose of the subroutine, 2. the
arguments of the subroutine, and 3. the return value of the subroutine. 
Add some comments before if-else conditional statements about what and

    So that people can read, hack and help on the source more easily. 
It really kills me to find out where to work to add the BASE64-PLAIN
password scheme, although the result is actually not very difficult. 
There is just too little illustration in the source.

    I understand that given the current large amount of the source, this
may not be easy to accomplish.  But it would be better if this can be
gradually done.

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