[Dovecot] Mixing MBOX and Maildir?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun May 13 15:26:40 EEST 2007

On Sun, 2007-05-13 at 13:45 +0300, Tom Alsberg wrote:
> Another wish would be a better form of cascading - subfolders as
> subdirectories, instead of this awkward Maildir++ dot-separated
> format.

I think this is possible already with CVS HEAD:

mail_location = Maildir:~/Maildir:LAYOUT=fs

> Having looked again at the code, this does indeed not seem all that
> easy.  The code handling the mailbox namespace browsing seems too
> tightly integrated with the code handling the mailboxes themselves.

Did you look at v1.0 or the CVS HEAD?

> I suppose it would be best if those two were separated, so a namespace
> module will handle issues like "what subfolders does the folder Foo
> have" and "what is the physical path for folder Foo.Bar", while the
> mailbox module will handle issues like "what messages are there in
> folder whose physical path is mail/.Foo.Bar" and "fetch the message
> with UID 117 from the folder whose physical path is mail/.Foo.Bar".
> The mailbox access module will query the namespace module to obtain
> those paths.

This is what mailbox_list and mailbox_storage separation was supposed to
do. There is still 1:1:1 with mailbox_list:mail_namespace:mail_storage
but I don't think it's too difficult to change that. At least compared
to what it's like in v1.0.
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