[Dovecot] OS X Mail Administration

Scott Murman dovecot at segosha.net
Wed May 16 18:06:55 EEST 2007

> I'd appreciate if you'd share with me the directory structure that  
> you use, or would use in my situation.  All mail storage will be on  
> the server so disk space is not an issue.  I'm a bit confused  
> whether or not to keep the inbox separate from the other imap  
> structure as is the OS X default: should all mailboxes be under  
> inbox, etc.

i run an os x server, and keep it simply as a server, so there's no  
need to match the mail storage w/ the apple mail layout.  since i  
only have a handful of users, i use $HOME/Maildir for each account,  
then let the client machines/apps do as they wish.   if i had more  
users if would move it into /var and use a different authentication  
scheme.  the only difference from a linux setup is that most things  
dovecot don't seem as well tested under os x since there are fewer of  


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