[Dovecot] Getting rid of the common newbie problems

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Mon May 21 03:18:32 EEST 2007

Joseba Torre writes:

> there's no easy way to get rid of newbie problems: right now dovecot is quite 
> a complex software

I tried Cyrus once, and have been working with Courier for nearly 2 years 
before I tried Dovecot.
In my opinion Dovecot is much simpler than Cyrus, but perhaps more complex 
than Courier. However I found the dovecot documentation to be very helpfull.

The problem is how to make the documentation friendlier to people with 
little or no exprience managing a pop/imap server. 

> common configs:
> - system users (using pam/passwd)
> - ldap (with a common conf)
> - mysql
> - postgresql

Having samples and sections for those different configurations will go a 
long way to help new users.

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