[Dovecot] simultaneous access to folder

Chris Wakelin c.d.wakelin at reading.ac.uk
Tue May 22 17:14:02 EEST 2007

David Lee wrote:
> We have for many years been a UW-IMAP site, with users having their own
> traditional, private, mbox-format INBOX and folders: almost (but not
> quite) no complications of shared or simultaneous access.  We have just
> completed a transparent transition to dovecot (official 1.0.0 release).

Congratulations! We did this nearly two years ago and now I'm using
Dovecot proxying to move users transparently to Exchange (against my
better judgement/prejudices) :(

> But we have one residual issue affecting one important user account.
> UW-IMAP specifically only allows single access to "mbox" folders.  If
> different IMAP connections are attempted to such a folder, the latest
> attempt kills off earlier connections.  (That's just the way it works,
> which was mostly fine for us.)
> On this particular account we had explicitly set two folders to UW-IMAP's
> different "mbx" format, so that a group of staff could simultaneously
> access that folder and delete messages.  This is by a single, common,
> id/pw account.
> But dovecot doesn't support "mbx" format.
> Is there a way for us to set up such a group-access folder under dovecot?


Dovecot is fine with multiple clients accessing (as the same user) an
mbox. We converted all our similar mbx-format files back to mbox when we


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