[Dovecot] Replication plans

J.Wendland at scan-plus.de J.Wendland at scan-plus.de
Wed May 23 12:02:55 EEST 2007

Hi list,

> OpenLDAP uses another strategy, which is more robust aka needs less 
> fragile interaction between the servers.

We have been thinking very long about replication. The requirement
is to have a backup computing center in distant location, so
replication has to work over a WAN connection (latency!) and must
be able to recover from failures. This in mind we came to the
conclusion that the strategy OpenLDAP is using would be the best
to come up with and would be not too difficult to implement (we
even started experiments which showed that this would be feasible).
BTW, Oracle's replication mechanism (DataGuard) also works in a
similar way, ie. by transferring the transaction logs to the backup
and replaying them there.


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