[Dovecot] Courier migrating issues: indexes, maildirsize, update query

Jan van den Berg jan.vandenberg at isp.solcon.nl
Thu May 24 10:58:47 EEST 2007

You're right I had this in my query:
concat('maildir:', maildrop, username) as mail

I deleted it and now this seems to work for me:
mail_location = maildir:/var/spool/mail/%1u/%1.1u/%u:INDEX=MEMORY

I must say I am _stunned_ by the/your reaction speed on the maillist
(thanks for the wiki this explains a lot).

"Each mailbox has its own separate index files. If the index files are
disabled, the same structures are still kept in the memory" 
I suppose that this is how Courier also works; or would this imply that
Dovecot will be a RAM hog?


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Van: Timo Sirainen [mailto:tss at iki.fi] 
Verzonden: woensdag 23 mei 2007 15:33
Aan: Jan van den Berg
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Onderwerp: Re: [Dovecot] Courier migrating issues: indexes,
maildirsize,update query

On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 14:36 +0200, Jan van den Berg wrote:
> About the indexes; this thoroughly confusing. 
> I don't understand why Dovecot IMAP wants to use index files for a
> maildir++ implementation (this seems to defy the point of a maildir).

Hmm. I suppose I should write a wiki page about the index files.. Done:

> Still I can't get it to work (index=memory) this is my line:
> mail_location = maildir:/var/spool/mail/%1u/%2u/%u:INDEX=MEMORY
> I added INDEX=MEMORY later; all was working fine before. Now however
> IMAP or POP3 no matter what I do; the dovecot.index files are still
> generated.

What do you use as userdb? If you return "mail" from there it overrides

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