[Dovecot] How about a "pipe" plugin?

Aredridel aredridel at nbtsc.org
Thu May 24 17:39:45 EEST 2007

> Nicolas Boullis wrote:
> Hi,

> I have written a plugin so that each time a message is added to a
> specific box, a program is run and the message is piped into it. Note
> that the message is also really added to the box.

> I've been using it for nearly 3 month, for spam/ham learning, and have
> not had any problem with it. I guess it could also be used to implement
> an out box (I remember seeing someone asking for such a feature on this
> list). Currently, I use it with a config like this:

> Would people be interested by such a feature? If enough people show some
> interest, I can try to convince my boss to let me release this plugin
> GPL-licensed.

I'm also definitely interested. I've been looking for a good way to
integrate client- and server-side spam filtering, and this looks great.
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