[Dovecot] Will pay $500 towards a Dovecot feature

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri May 25 12:56:48 EEST 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 14:53 -0500, Eric Rostetter wrote:

> I learned the last time this came up that people who can't understand
> why overloading IMAP with other protocols is bad also can't understand
> how ssh authentication works or what the difference is between a
> protocol and an application.

Hm. I guess so. I haven't followed most threads in depth, just threw in
a comment here and there...

> The fact is, 99% of the people who want to add additional protocols to
> the IMAP protocol just don't care about any alternatives.  They want
> to overload the IMAP protocol and they won't consider any other options.

Which is sad since other protocols can give them so much more
flexibility with so much less headwind.

> Trying to explain to them that ssh authentication can handle virtual
> users is just going to result in being flamed as ignorant.  I say this
> from experience on this list.

Well, here's to hoping that this misfeature will never make it into
anything I end up supporting. Nightmare.

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