[Dovecot] How about a "pipe" plugin?

Marc Delling delling at silpion.de
Fri May 25 14:45:29 EEST 2007

25.05.2007 11:52 Johannes Berg:

> He said that after the message was piped away it's still copied to the
> destination folder. Hence, you'd only need to run the pipe plugin  
> on all
> available folders. Should probably be doable.

Yes, but as I understand it there is not easy way to manage that. The  
plugin cannot be configured like:

pipe 1: all mail added to folders named spam
pipe 2: all mail added to folders not named spam

so you have to create a pipe for each folder where all except one do  
the same thing. And you would have restrict users capability to  
create new folders, otherwise you would have to edit the plugins  
config everytime a user decides to have a new one. Regex-matching on  
foldernames would do the trick. Or a pipe triggered on copy-and-delete.


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