[Dovecot] question mailbox format

sc2 at gmx.at sc2 at gmx.at
Sat May 26 11:01:18 EEST 2007

hello and thx

a.) Linux
b.) Redhat (Version unknown) 
protocols: pops pop3s
ssl_listen: *:995
ssl_cert_file: /etc/mail/certs/wildcard/cert.pem
ssl_key_file: /etc/mail/certs/wildcard/nopass.key
disable_plaintext_auth: no
login_dir: /usr/local/var/run/dovecot/login
login_executable: /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/pop3-login
mail_location: mbox:/var/spool/mail/%u
mail_executable: /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/pop3
mail_plugin_dir: /usr/local/lib/dovecot/pop3
pop3_uidl_format: %08Xu%08Xv
auth default:
    driver: shadow
    args: /etc/shadow
    driver: passwd

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> sc2 at gmx.at wrote:
>> i set mail_location = mbox:/var/spool/mail/%u
>> and protocols = pop3s pop3
>> why he trys to create and use imap format?`
> Platform?
> OS Version?
> Dovecot version?
> Dovecot -n output?
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Charles

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