[Dovecot] question mailbox format

MAEDA, Go maeda-g at secom-sanin.co.jp
Sat May 26 11:57:42 EEST 2007

sc2 at gmx.at wrote:
 > i set mail_location = mbox:/var/spool/mail/%u
 > and protocols = pop3s pop3
 > why he trys to create and use imap format?`

    Your Dovecot is trying to make index files. Index files are also 
used by pop3 for better performance.

    And your mail_location configuration seems incorrect. The path after 
"mbox:" is where to create imap mailboxes and Dovecot's index files. 
Proper position for "/var/spool/mail/%u" is after "INBOX=" keyword.

    For further information, read this.


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