[Dovecot] Address extensions with dovecot LDA

Nick Kartsioukas change-dovecot at nightwind.net
Sun May 27 01:04:47 EEST 2007

Greetings!  I'm using Dovecot and Postfix with virtual mailboxes, the
mailbox data is contained in a MySQL database.  I'd like to use the
Dovecot delivery agent so I can support Sieve filters.  However, I'm
not sure how to get the delivery agent to work with the Dovecot auth
mechanism and MySQL to do proper lookups of email addresses with
address extensions (such as test-blah at example.com).  Does anyone have
a similar setup that can tell me how I might get this to work?

Nick Kartsioukas 	|  KF6UZB
change at nightwind.net	|  NK2694

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