[Dovecot] Stop Maildir appending to path

Henry henry at stmpd.net
Mon May 28 01:48:34 EEST 2007

Dovecot is working perfectly except for one problem. I have local  
users and virtual users. Local users are ~/Maildir. And virtual users  
are /home/vmail/domain/user. The problem is, it keeps trying to fetch  
virtual mail at /home/vmail/domain/user/Maildir. It doesn't exist the  
user/ dir is the Maildir.

To get around this, I have to make symlinks on each virtual email.

What should I check? How do I make it stop appending Maildir to my  
virtual users path?

If I set mail_location to the virtual user path, it works fine. But I  
won't be able to get local mail.

So I... have mail_location pointing to local users ~/Maildir while  
UserDatabase/Extrafields feature will overwrite the path for virtual  

password_query = SELECT email as user, password, CONCAT('/home/ 
vmail/', path) as userdb_mail, 5000 as userdb_uid, 5000 as userdb_gid  
FROM view_users WHERE email='%u';

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